Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is it Marketing Management?

In this occasion will explain secar singkta mangenai marketing management. For more details, again let us refer to the following explanation.

According Dharmmesta & Handoko, 1982 defines manajamen marketing is an activity undertaken by the company to maintain its survival. In the process of marketing manajemn starting before dmemproduksi and does not end when the sale.

It also would provide satisfaction to its business customers he still wants to walk, wanted to know the consumer has pandanagn better against the company.Peluang Bisnis

Opinion of Kotler, 1980, marketing management is on analyzing, planning, implementing and monitoring of the program which ujuannya invitation to inflict exchange market that will be addressed by maksaud to achieve company goals.

Biala daa yanag companies realize that marketing is a very important factor for success, will find caar and a new philosophy to engage disalamnya.

Marketing Management
same time with played out in money (Image: Google)

In this case marketing may impact customer satisfaction with keinginnya.

Manurut Stanton (1978) The concept of marketing is a business flasafah stating that the satisfaction of consumer needs is a condition of rapid economic and social ubtuk viability of the company.

In the concept of marketing in has three major elements contained therein, namely:

Oriientasi on customers
Preparation of the marketing activities undertaken integrally
Customer satisfaction
As for the marketing function itself is the activity undertaken in order to each business involved yabg into moving products from manufacturer to consumer. (William J.Shultz)

Bleak expressed by Sofyan Assauri (1987: 19) the marketing function are classified into three, namely:

The function of sales and purchases
Physical supply function, which involves the distribution and storageManajemen

Supporting functions, namely security, standardization and grading, underwriting the risks, and market information, as well as finance.
In this article would better highlight the marketing function as follows:

Purchasing function, the purchasing function is a function that can follow activity to find and collect the products needed as supplies to meet the needs of consumers.
Basically a muntuk akativitas looking for sellers and merupaakn a bali point of sales activity.

Sales function, in this case fungsu sales are defined as activities undertaken in order to look for colon consumer products have been offered by companies with less purpose of getting profit.
Transport function, an activity to pemindhan products from one region to another region.
Storage functions, ie functions / activities for penyimpana products that have been purchased this is done as a stock in order to be avoid any damage or other hazards.usaha rumahan

Market information function, the function is very comprehensive in nature and function palin important. It disebebkan this function emeberikan information about the situation and the condition of perdanagan ang still very common where there is still hubungn with certain products, and the selling price that consumers want and also all market conditions.
While meurut Sofyan Assauri (1987: 303) is keteranag information that are facts, data and the results of the analysis, pertimbanagn well as a view of a conduit of information.

This is related to conditions directly to the need to pengabilan a decision or policy of management.

All that has been written above should be mastered olhe us and can be implemented by the management of marketing itself, although it is correct atpi teornya there are still obstacles that are not unexpected.

By understanding lengkapa of management functions later can become the base material for kitamenetukan marketing strategies that will be applied as well to optimize all opportunities.

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