Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to File and Folder Management with Effective

the management are intimately associated with art, as we learned in the management of beauty, harmony, tidiness, thus increasing efficiency The specific activity of both a personal and group (corporate).

One management application in everyday life is the management of files and folders. I consider all who read this to know what files and folders yes. Now I wonder how the state of the files and folders you? Whether neat or messy? If there is still a mess, let's keep up reading.Peluang Bisnis

File and folder management is considered trivial, so often disampikan by the majority of users of computers or other devices. As a result, the files and folders they are not arranged neatly. There are many advantages if we organize files and folders properly, the following file and folder management advantages:

File and foler neater, this is definitely the first advantage. With termanajemennya disk files and folders automatically look more presentable and appealing to the eye.
Make it easy to archive / file / folder. If you do not organize your files and folders with either definitely not your confusion when searching for files / folders long? Must have forgotten where the first nyimpennya, did not you? But, if you manage files and folders properly it will greatly facilitate the search for old files.cara membuat facebook

Maximizes disk memory. Well, if we've tidied files are then automatically we know the files are useful. So, we can throw the file / folder so that the memory disk useless we are more relieved.
It had some benefits if we manage files and folders properly. Actually, the way the management of files and folders is very easy and very simple, because it concerns the habit. But, the following management measures files and folders:

First know the extension files. There are many extensions of existing files, among others:
Extensions .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf is an extension to the document
Extension .ppt, .pptx is an extension for presentation
Extension .mkv, .mp4, .wmv, .avi is an extension for the video.
Extension .xls, .xlsx is an extension for excel files / data.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png Is an extension for the picture / image.
Extension .rar, .zip is an extension for a file / folder that has been compressed.kerja online

Extension .mp3, .wav is an extension for audio
After knowing the extension-extension we can classify files and folders based on their usefulness. Let us separate folder office work, freelance work, study, entertainment, movie. This is important so that no one in the placement of files. For example, as shown below:
File and Folder Management
File and Folder Based Management Functions

Another way is to separate by date (usually a year). Suppose you have a job lot. Then it could be classified by year -> month. This method is commonly used in the printing company, or companies other services.
Neat Folder Management
Neat Folder Management

Well, that was a step management of files and folders properly. Get used to manage files and folders you, because otherwise it would be difficult accustomed. Hopefully this article useful yes.