Thursday, May 12, 2016

Basics of Financial Management (Finance)

after we found out about the reference of financial management, if not yet know please click here . Well here it will give a brief description of the basis of management keuanagn.
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Financial management is planning, budgeting, checking, control, processing, penyimpana and fundraising which was owned by an organization or company bakhan.

Well here is a brief explanation of each function of financial management.

Financial planning, namely the drafting pmaskkna and expenses as well as other activities dlam specific time period.
Financial budgeting, a follow-up of planning keuanagn by making detai-into details of the expenditures and the existing intake.
Financial management of, to use the funds in the company in order to maximize the existing funds in any way.cara membuat instagram

Search finance, activities for mengekplor all existing potential and mancari existing funding sources for operations (running) activities in the company.
Financial storage, activities to raise funds where the fund company stored securely.
Financial control, as well as activities to evaluate perbaiakan on all systems running during the financial as well as that of the company.
Audit, internal audit activities to do against kauangan that exist in companies that aim to prevent man penympangan company funds.
basic financial management
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The definition of financial management is tugasserta tanggungtawab of financial manjer. In this case the financial manager's job can be either a dividend (profit), the financing activities of the company, of the investment.

Then it can be disimpulkann that the task of financial managers is planned to be mamaksimalkan value of the company. The four aspects menyangkt with the activities undertaken by the manager kauangan.

Planning and forecasting, in this case kuanagn managers must coordinate circuitry DAPT other managers who share responsibility with corporate planning.
Manan that a manager should be able to focus and concentrate on investment decisions and pembiaaynaan and also beraitan with it.
A kuanagn managers must be able to coordinate well with other managers for the company to move (operate) efficiently.
Which manyangkut problem of the use of money market and capital market, the financial manager will connect the company with the financial markets, in which the fund can be obtained as well as well as securities of companies can be traded.
Well from all four of these aspects dpat concluded that the discharge of duties of the principal financial manager relating to investment and financing decisions in the company.cara membuat email

Which in carrying out its functions, tuga financial manager will be in direct contact with POKO decision of the company and affect the values ​​in the company.

Well here is a basic function of financial management, namely:

Investment Decision, a decision who related that the assets managed by the company.
Financing Decision, the decisions pertaining to the financial resources necessary kaan and the determination of the balance of spending is best for the company.
Assets Management Decision, lkeputusan which is related to the use of Sertab asset management.
While the basic tasks of financial managers in general are:

to get the funding source for the company.
Used company funds for the operation
To share the company's profit to shareholders
Manajerkeunagan surely has a purpose, which is to manage the funds of the company in general is to be memaksimalkannilai of the company. Uyang where if one day the company will be the sale price will be set as high as possible.