Thursday, May 12, 2016

Discuss Out Sales Management

Sales is an art or a science that man can influence others to be willing to buy the products offered by the company.

Well for sales management itself an exercise in planning, control of penjuaan activities undertaken by the company.

If there is a sales process can be ensured their sales strategies that walk therein. In this case the strategy may include pengenlan dala market as well as the role of design as well as the company's corporate structure and sales, forecast sales and its object.

Definitely in the sale are tahp-stage which must be gone through, well here is the stage in the sale:

Planning before sales
percentage of sales
Overcoming objections prospects
Closing the sale
Once we know the stage of selling, you definitely need a technique let success selling. Because the stage without the proper techniques an empty vessel without any good. Well here I'll never be empty keg helpful let me give water. There are 5 selling techniques, namely:

sales management
kur chart (image: Google)

Determine Need and Desire Customers
Before we know we need mangadakan kebutuha name consumer research atu simple observations, eg products required as well as the customer wants, when needed? Etc.

Choose a specific target market
In this case terdpat three types:

The individual market, a market that meet the needs of specific individuals to meet their needs.
Specialized market, a waitress to specific customers
Segmented market, a market which provides for a particular class.
The constant market position
After making these two techniques, the company should be able mentukan market position in the segment want terdududki. Determination of the position of the market is a technique for arranging the products where the product is sold so that interest to buy.

Place the sales strategy in competition

Untk time the company should be able Preparing yourself dlam do mix pemasarna as streategi pengelolaam company. Referred to the mix is ​​the price, motede promotion, distribution etc.

Choose the Right sales strategy
After placing fourth such techniques, to close the sale should be carried out the following steps.

Preparation before the sales, information provision of goods sold, the market of interest, as well as technique.
Siting Potential Buyers, select segman intended, in order to melist prospective buyers / consumers potensiala for the company.
Preliminary approach, seeking information about the product, and product offerings on consumer craze.
Perform Sales, preceded by luring consumers akhirnay melkukan sales to consumers.
After sales service (after sales), sales should not end up, but both sales service after purchase. Such as giving a warranty on the product durable.
After menegtahui technique, sales are also affected by some faktotr dianatarnya:

Condition and ability Seller, Seller must be able to convince pemebeli order to achieve the goals of purchase.

Market conditions, due to Psar some groups would be targeted sales kana also definitely affect sales activities.
Capital, we know that the capital is a factor supporting the business process preformance. The company will have difficulty when the product is not known, then the company will need capital for advertising, distribution, and other activities.
Conditions Company Organization, in large companies dbagian sales held by people who understand the sales.
Other factors may include advertising, campaign, awarding door prizes, dall.
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