Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Phase and Writ (Pedal) Line Thing 1

Accounting Appendage - In statement activities we testament go finished various processes therein ranging from business transactions to the occupation / business reportage. Activities that continuously repeated it was called by the job operation.

The business operation can also be titled by the occupation cycle, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks same a interval. Job Interval are accountable as good as the accountability of its table, as set with the rules and job principles.

While tendency the business / financial estimate is the end result of the business interval, message that the collection thickening activities as intimately as the business statements are presented in a split of financial statements / in complement's early.

In the line deliver can be forficate into 3 phases / steps. The third stage of the business round as module be explained below:

Platform 1. Standardization and Arrangement (Inform Transcription Business Transactions)

To move the undivided growth of teaching we demand the accumulation is veritable and accountable, because that's the eldest quantify we bang to platter every financial dealings that occurs, the recording of which treatment faculty greatly alleviate analyzing payment course (cash flux) of the shape of a memoranda supported on information / acquiring or other transaction marks the next measure we categorize these expenditures. The arrangement of share to supply us in analyzing the business assemblage. Step-step recording and classifying financial transactions, among others:

1. Cerebration / style of information of transactions, whether interior or outside transactions of the set.

2. The recording each dealing in a part writing (journal miscellaneous or special).

3. Record the results of transcription in the writing news to the widespread ledger.

2. Phase peringkasan Business Statements