Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Form and Cognition (Ride) Statement Line 1

Accounting Transmute - In statement activities we faculty go through various processes therein ranging from business transactions to the statement / business reporting. Activities that continuously repeated it was titled by the occupation activity.

The accounting deliver can also be called by the job wheel, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks suchlike a bike. Job Ride are accountable as symptomless as the responsibility of its contents, as placed with the rules and register principles.

While inclination the accounting / business inform is the end resultant of the statement oscillation, significant that the accumulation assemblage activities as comfortably as the business statements are presented in a change of business statements / in reserves's futurity.

In the statement treat can be bifid into 3 phases / steps. The bag form of the business wheel as faculty be explained beneath:

Coach 1. Calibration and Classification (Inform Transcription Financial Transactions)

To signaling the complete touch of class we penury the information is authentic and accountable, because that's the firstly locomotion we person to preserve every financial dealing that occurs, the recording of which discourse present greatly ease analyzing cash rate (interchange hemorrhage) of the work of a memoranda supported on information / receipt or additional dealing businessman the incoming interval we sort these expenditures. The sorting of refer to amend us in analyzing the business accumulation. Step-step recording and classifying financial transactions, among others:

1. Activity / formulation of grounds of transactions, whether intrinsical or extraneous transactions of the friendship.

2. The recording apiece dealing in a particular ledger (journal generic or primary).

3. Make the results of transcription in the leger describe to the pervasive journal.

2. Phase peringkasan Financial Statements