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Basics of Financial Management (Finance)

after we found out about the reference of financial management, if not yet know please click here . Well here it will give a brief description of the basis of management keuanagn.
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Financial management is planning, budgeting, checking, control, processing, penyimpana and fundraising which was owned by an organization or company bakhan.

Well here is a brief explanation of each function of financial management.

Financial planning, namely the drafting pmaskkna and expenses as well as other activities dlam specific time period.
Financial budgeting, a follow-up of planning keuanagn by making detai-into details of the expenditures and the existing intake.
Financial management of, to use the funds in the company in order to maximize the existing funds in any way.cara membuat instagram

Search finance, activities for mengekplor all existing potential and mancari existing funding sources for operations (running) activities in the company.
Financial storage, activities to raise funds where the fund company stored securely.
Financial control, as well as activities to evaluate perbaiakan on all systems running during the financial as well as that of the company.
Audit, internal audit activities to do against kauangan that exist in companies that aim to prevent man penympangan company funds.
basic financial management
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The definition of financial management is tugasserta tanggungtawab of financial manjer. In this case the financial manager's job can be either a dividend (profit), the financing activities of the company, of the investment.

Then it can be disimpulkann that the task of financial managers is planned to be mamaksimalkan value of the company. The four aspects menyangkt with the activities undertaken by the manager kauangan.

Planning and forecasting, in this case kuanagn managers must coordinate circuitry DAPT other managers who share responsibility with corporate planning.
Manan that a manager should be able to focus and concentrate on investment decisions and pembiaaynaan and also beraitan with it.
A kuanagn managers must be able to coordinate well with other managers for the company to move (operate) efficiently.
Which manyangkut problem of the use of money market and capital market, the financial manager will connect the company with the financial markets, in which the fund can be obtained as well as well as securities of companies can be traded.
Well from all four of these aspects dpat concluded that the discharge of duties of the principal financial manager relating to investment and financing decisions in the company.cara membuat email

Which in carrying out its functions, tuga financial manager will be in direct contact with POKO decision of the company and affect the values ​​in the company.

Well here is a basic function of financial management, namely:

Investment Decision, a decision who related that the assets managed by the company.
Financing Decision, the decisions pertaining to the financial resources necessary kaan and the determination of the balance of spending is best for the company.
Assets Management Decision, lkeputusan which is related to the use of Sertab asset management.
While the basic tasks of financial managers in general are:

to get the funding source for the company.
Used company funds for the operation
To share the company's profit to shareholders
Manajerkeunagan surely has a purpose, which is to manage the funds of the company in general is to be memaksimalkannilai of the company. Uyang where if one day the company will be the sale price will be set as high as possible.

What is the Cost Management?

For this occasion we will discuss about the cost management. What was the cost management? Surely you think what is the difference with the financial management, which has been discussed in the article yesterday? (read: financial management ).

In this case the system design cost management is yanag aan provide manajemn purposes in order to determine improvement opportunities, strategic planning, and decision operasionall required by an institution.peluang usaha

Cost management system is highly integrated with other elemn as well as, system design and development, production and purchasing system, consumers pelayana system, and also the distribution system and marketing.

Well there are some basic concepts of cost management system it sendri, for example:

The concept of Value Added
Is a system that will make the company trying to do all the value-added activities with seefeksien car might as well be to eliminate activities that have no added value.bisnis rumahan

Accounting Concepts activity
Is a process for pengumbulan along with tracking of financial performance as well as the existing operational on significant activity within the company and also provides umapan reciprocity between the actual results with planned.

In this case as well to determine if all require corrective steps Activity-based Costin (ABC). ABC is a methodology to manage the performance of activities and costs, sources, as well as the cost object.

The concept of Target Costs
Meruakam one concept that is based on the market which are calculated using the market price is intended to be able to gain market share that has been previously ditentuakan.

In this case the determination of the cost target is one of the management tools in order to minimize the costs greetings from the product life cycle process.

cost management
maslaah discussion of the work (image google)

While the purpose of the cost management system itself can be classified into four, namely:

Identifying the cost of existing activities
Determining the efficiency, effectiveness, and economic activity
Completion of future performance.
Achieving these three objectives simultaneously in an environment of technological change
Now the benefits of the cost of the Management sendri are:

Planning and controlling an organization
Tracing an increase in the cost
Optimizing the performance of the product life cycle
Make a decision
Manajemn investment
Measure of performance
Medukung preformance and its automation philosophy pemanufakturanusaha rumahan

As for the principle Sendir ada10, the first identification of the cost of value-added and non-added. Secondly, Tracing the cost of the activity whose value is not increased. Thirdly, pelacakka against significant costs on tujaun cost reporting.

Fourth, the determination of the cost centers on a group of homogenous activity. Fifth, increase the cost of the system kerlacakan ABC. Sixth, penengambangn the cost drivers to demonstrate a causal costs and activities.

Seventh, the cost of the recycling collection seua didup product. Eighth, the imposition on the cost of the technology. Ninth, mambandingkan between the target costs with actual costs. Recently, the use of cost effective against internal controls.Manajemen

While the principles of performance measurement will require manajemn system costs in order to measure performance, alignment to corporate objectives, significant activity, increased visibility of cost drivers, pencangkuapan financial and non-financial activities.

Bial we berbicar with the principles of the investment management fees management system must be able, assesses all proposals carefully to investment, investment decision-making that is consistent with the original purpose, correct decision with multiple criteria.

In addition to the above the cost management system should also be memprtimbangkna the risk of investment, pelacakkna the probability of investment activities, support of pengurangnan against non value-added activities, sderta mandukung in achieving target costs.

As for the element of manajmen cost itself is no 8, ie, lingkuanagn pemanufakturan forward, Just-in-time (JIT), total quality management (TQM), activity-based management (ABM), accounting activity (AA), activity-based coasting (ABC), the measurement of performance as well as investment management.

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What is it Marketing Management?

In this occasion will explain secar singkta mangenai marketing management. For more details, again let us refer to the following explanation.

According Dharmmesta & Handoko, 1982 defines manajamen marketing is an activity undertaken by the company to maintain its survival. In the process of marketing manajemn starting before dmemproduksi and does not end when the sale.

It also would provide satisfaction to its business customers he still wants to walk, wanted to know the consumer has pandanagn better against the company.Peluang Bisnis

Opinion of Kotler, 1980, marketing management is on analyzing, planning, implementing and monitoring of the program which ujuannya invitation to inflict exchange market that will be addressed by maksaud to achieve company goals.

Biala daa yanag companies realize that marketing is a very important factor for success, will find caar and a new philosophy to engage disalamnya.

Marketing Management
same time with played out in money (Image: Google)

In this case marketing may impact customer satisfaction with keinginnya.

Manurut Stanton (1978) The concept of marketing is a business flasafah stating that the satisfaction of consumer needs is a condition of rapid economic and social ubtuk viability of the company.

In the concept of marketing in has three major elements contained therein, namely:

Oriientasi on customers
Preparation of the marketing activities undertaken integrally
Customer satisfaction
As for the marketing function itself is the activity undertaken in order to each business involved yabg into moving products from manufacturer to consumer. (William J.Shultz)

Bleak expressed by Sofyan Assauri (1987: 19) the marketing function are classified into three, namely:

The function of sales and purchases
Physical supply function, which involves the distribution and storageManajemen

Supporting functions, namely security, standardization and grading, underwriting the risks, and market information, as well as finance.
In this article would better highlight the marketing function as follows:

Purchasing function, the purchasing function is a function that can follow activity to find and collect the products needed as supplies to meet the needs of consumers.
Basically a muntuk akativitas looking for sellers and merupaakn a bali point of sales activity.

Sales function, in this case fungsu sales are defined as activities undertaken in order to look for colon consumer products have been offered by companies with less purpose of getting profit.
Transport function, an activity to pemindhan products from one region to another region.
Storage functions, ie functions / activities for penyimpana products that have been purchased this is done as a stock in order to be avoid any damage or other hazards.usaha rumahan

Market information function, the function is very comprehensive in nature and function palin important. It disebebkan this function emeberikan information about the situation and the condition of perdanagan ang still very common where there is still hubungn with certain products, and the selling price that consumers want and also all market conditions.
While meurut Sofyan Assauri (1987: 303) is keteranag information that are facts, data and the results of the analysis, pertimbanagn well as a view of a conduit of information.

This is related to conditions directly to the need to pengabilan a decision or policy of management.

All that has been written above should be mastered olhe us and can be implemented by the management of marketing itself, although it is correct atpi teornya there are still obstacles that are not unexpected.

By understanding lengkapa of management functions later can become the base material for kitamenetukan marketing strategies that will be applied as well to optimize all opportunities.

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How to Effectively Manage Business Management

Pengerian of business management is all the way to a comprehensive arrangement to carry on business as a business and can generate profisional envisioned goal.

This business Manajamen necessary to achieve the business objectives of all aspects profir other purposes envisioned sera company.

This setting dilakuakn that business is not messy, haphazard, disorganized, meeting targets, as well as to anticipate risks.bisnis rumahan

Step a professionalism run before we drafted a business management scheme would in general should make a business (business plan). Dlam this business plan in the form of pbagaimana it manajmen along with the planning of the business aspects of the existing Segal.

So that the business is ok, then the business will trust to be managed with maximum. Small-scale businesses also need business management, differing only in scale size.

The benchmark POKO of business management, namely:

Production management
Is planning associated premises ketersedianbahan raw or finished products ready for sale. This involves the production process until manghasilkan products that customers demand.

business management
position as manager has responsibility over (image: Google)

Marketing Management
Manajmene business in marketing, may be associated with all the planning, the target shapes and aims and also the results of the marketing process. The main purpose of manjemn marketing is sales are up, and the introduction of products to customers.peluang usaha

In the absence of marketing management experience abaik the company kana ksulita yielding profit.

Products which incidentally is not a good product will sell much when has seora great marketing manager and handal.dlama it dibutukan creativity and their innovation to design a business management in the field of marketing.

Distribution management
It merupaka support role for marketing management, why is that? When marketing goes well, if the distribution is no problem, then marketing is also disturbed.

Well so the distribution of a product to the customer depends on the distribution patterns that have been made by the company.

Financial management
It concerns with openness and refineries of the company's turnover. Manajemn also relates to the financial situation of the company is able to be broken up according to the financial dipunya.cara membuat email

Bial manajemn we do not have a good business in the areas of finance, a company no one will see the company's financial data from openly.

This is often experienced by small businesses who still Matir, which jaag attention to financial management which is difficult to determine the pros and cons.

Then we need to pay attention to the form of business management in accordance with the above penejelasan to manage business critical success. Dpat then we conclude that without good management, it is already known the company would not be able to walk denganbaiak, which corresponds to the expectations of their owners.

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Importance of Management Consultants

We know that the current financial crisis many out of business. This post-crisis bnyak company reorganized in keterpurukannya startgeinya to Bangit is also experienced in Indonesia.cara membuat email

Even companies not interfere with this crisis also clean in order to exist, grow and develop the company. Dlam companies that want to rise and grow normally require a lot of new colors in its management.

But some companies to conduct the kekurangnya resource in the company's internal, memebuat difficult to rise along with the developing company.

Consultants are berindependen and professional services that will help a manager can remedy the intent of the company, with membantumemecahkan existing problems, new opportunities, and is concerned with the company.peluang usaha

We know consultant sanagt manajemn currently required by the company will be an alternative which could generate slump company. Dlam this case the management consultant became the second choice, so the decision will still be taken by the company.

management consultantbisnis rumahan

people are presenting their work (image: Google)

Described as the management consultant doctors who prescribe different for each patient even though it is the same disease. But at this point many are claimed as a management consultant. Whereas hany a speaker / teacher.

Or worse still they do not understand the function of the consultant. In fact, the consultant should have widened mentor, and also can be the supervisor of stratgei from beginning to end.

Well here masalh who may be assisted by a management consulting, marketing, finance and accounting, tax, legal, IT, human resources, production and operation, and many more depending on expertise.

Here's what makes the company was interested in a management consultant.

track Record
In this case seen from experience, the name and reputation of the consultants themselves. fair company will memeilih pliers consultants are experienced, successful in dealing with previous clients so that their companies can thrive.

The company will look at solutions offered to him so that it can determine whether or not the company successfully atu. Jagan till a consultant only provides a general solution so bhanay wasting company money.usaha rumahan

Maintain client privacy
Diving consultants working in the company for sure they know the secret of the company. Surely the company expects to maintain privacy consultant perusahaa which janagan to spread.

Consultants: professionalism so as to be upheld. So it is not mangecewakan clients.

Dprofesi become a consultant manajemn still very much needed, because many are willing to spend jor-rod only aspires to get a recommendation from the consultant which is considered the "savior god."

Aka but many middle-class enterprise (SME) distance / not using management consultants. SMEs in Indonesia which is only used in a business sense menjalanka business.

It kana be a disadvantage for them without considering the development of business through risert and pengembanagn market. Merka assume that management consultants are expensive, when we know that it is all of our investment assets.Manajemen

Here are tips for memelih management consultant.

Companies should mangatahui correctly and understand about the critical need in using konsltan management.
Performance Management should see its budget
Menegtahui the work of management consultants with monitoring. Kerana dlam work measurement can not be instantaneously. Continuous monitoring is needed so that the desired company and given the consultant will sync
According to observers Budi W.Soetjipto management of Manajemn Institute, University of Indonesia, the main factor seen from the management consultant is the name and reputation.

But he juag two factors are not sufficient to assess the overall performance of the management consultant. Thus, in selecting the consulting firm it is necessary menegtahui and understand the specific needs dlam use consultants.

How to File and Folder Management with Effective

the management are intimately associated with art, as we learned in the management of beauty, harmony, tidiness, thus increasing efficiency The specific activity of both a personal and group (corporate).

One management application in everyday life is the management of files and folders. I consider all who read this to know what files and folders yes. Now I wonder how the state of the files and folders you? Whether neat or messy? If there is still a mess, let's keep up reading.Peluang Bisnis

File and folder management is considered trivial, so often disampikan by the majority of users of computers or other devices. As a result, the files and folders they are not arranged neatly. There are many advantages if we organize files and folders properly, the following file and folder management advantages:

File and foler neater, this is definitely the first advantage. With termanajemennya disk files and folders automatically look more presentable and appealing to the eye.
Make it easy to archive / file / folder. If you do not organize your files and folders with either definitely not your confusion when searching for files / folders long? Must have forgotten where the first nyimpennya, did not you? But, if you manage files and folders properly it will greatly facilitate the search for old files.cara membuat facebook

Maximizes disk memory. Well, if we've tidied files are then automatically we know the files are useful. So, we can throw the file / folder so that the memory disk useless we are more relieved.
It had some benefits if we manage files and folders properly. Actually, the way the management of files and folders is very easy and very simple, because it concerns the habit. But, the following management measures files and folders:

First know the extension files. There are many extensions of existing files, among others:
Extensions .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf is an extension to the document
Extension .ppt, .pptx is an extension for presentation
Extension .mkv, .mp4, .wmv, .avi is an extension for the video.
Extension .xls, .xlsx is an extension for excel files / data.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png Is an extension for the picture / image.
Extension .rar, .zip is an extension for a file / folder that has been compressed.kerja online

Extension .mp3, .wav is an extension for audio
After knowing the extension-extension we can classify files and folders based on their usefulness. Let us separate folder office work, freelance work, study, entertainment, movie. This is important so that no one in the placement of files. For example, as shown below:
File and Folder Management
File and Folder Based Management Functions

Another way is to separate by date (usually a year). Suppose you have a job lot. Then it could be classified by year -> month. This method is commonly used in the printing company, or companies other services.
Neat Folder Management
Neat Folder Management

Well, that was a step management of files and folders properly. Get used to manage files and folders you, because otherwise it would be difficult accustomed. Hopefully this article useful yes.